Red Dragon Inn Allies - Ohava vs Murgath

Red Dragon Inn Allies - Ohava vs Murgath

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One is a senior grand cleric in the service of the Great Divines (the good Gods), and the other is a brash, self-absorbed, ruthless warlord who literally cannot put down his blessed blade. The two clash in the next set to join the infamous party at our beloved tavern.

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Ohava vs. Murgath introduces two new characters, each with their own unique mechanics and flavor. The set includes everything you need to add these characters to your game, but you will need to have at least one of the The Red Dragon Inn base sets to use them.


  • 2 40-card Character Decks
  • 1 18-card Blessing Deck
  • 1 15-card Murgath Boss Deck
  • 4 Deity Cards
  • 2 Fortitude Markers
  • 2 Alcohol Markers
  • Red Dragon Inn Prize Card
  • Player Mats
  • Deck Dividers
  • Gold Coin Tokens
  • Rules

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