Picture Perfect - Pickpocket Expansion

Picture Perfect - Pickpocket Expansion

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This expansion contains 3 different play modes:
1. PICKPOCKET (Plan the perfect heist!)
2. PICKPOCKETS AT THE PARTY (Pickpockets mingle with the guests.)
3. EVERYONE‘S INVITED (Play with ALL the guests!)


As the guest pose for their photographs, you‘ll send in your accomplices to relieve them of their valuables!

You are NOT allowed to use your phone cameras (even just to frame), or place the pickpocket figures on your floor mats until the appropriate time in the scoring phase at the end of the game. Keep the 3 pickpocket figures separate from the rest.

When you are all ready to take the photos, turn over the sand timer.

Then place your pickpockets and take the photo.

The same rules apply to the placement of pickpockets as any other guest figure. They all count as women for purposes of preference card scoring.

The first player who finishes their photo calls out „Stop!“ when the timer runs out. If the timer has already run out before the first player finished then that player just calls „Stop“ as soon as they have finished.

Any other players that have not yet taken their photographs must then remove the pickpockets from their floor mat and take their photos without them.