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In Kawaii, you must collect as much ice cream as possible from your favourite shape and flavor. Put down your cards, look at your neighbours' batteries and be the fastest to get the ones you want. If you get bonus points for cherries, be careful not to find the door closed when you go to the glacier, at the risk of seeing your points melt in the sun...

Kawaii is a small and simple game of access that combines observation and risk taking in real time. With its illustrations and adorable theme, it will seduce both young and old.

Goal of the game

Collect as many ice creams of your favorite shape and/or flavor as you can. The player who wins the most points after 3 rounds wins the game.

What you will like

•  A clever game that combines tactics, risk taking and speed
•  Super cute illustrations
•  Several variants to increase the difficulty of the game
•  Travel format

- Publisher's description