Escape Tales The Awakening

Escape Tales The Awakening

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Players take on the role of Sam, whose daughter has been in a coma for a couple of months and whose doctors still cannot explain how or what caused it. According to them, everything is fine with the girl; she's healthy and shouldn't be in this condition. Sam is desperate and looks for answers everywhere he can.

Enter Mark, a man whose son was once in a similar condition. Mark is quiet on the details, handing Sam a scary-looking book containing a ritual called “The Awakening”. Mark promises that the book contains the answer, but Sam will need to prepare himself mentally for the journey ahead.
Sam must transverse a whole different reality! Through determination, and a bit of luck, he will be able to find his daughter, understand the cause of her condition, and wake her up.
The meeting with Mark was a week ago. Today, Sam stands in his basement, ready to Awaken his daughter.

Are you ready, too?

Content warning: suicide



AGE 16+

- Publisher's description