5 Piece D10 Set - AfterDark Avalore Hunters Moon

5 Piece D10 Set - AfterDark Avalore Hunters Moon

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Every adventure party needs a little light in dark places sometimes! Kick your party off with AfterDark Avalore: UV reactive dice that illuminate brilliantly under blacklight!

Inspired by roller rinks, diner jukeboxes, and celebrations, AfterDark Avalore is sure to brighten the table mood at your next tabletop roleplaying game!


  • Neon translucent color, inked in UV reactive ink
  • Illuminates under UV light
  • Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
  • Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style
  • Made of specialized acrylic polymer
  • UV light reactive!

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