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COVID-19 Update

Masks are no longer required for in-store shopping.
All Versus Employees are vaccinated.
Shop online and get curbside pickup or shipment in the US

    Our Story

    We created Versus Board Games to be a place where anyone can find a great game.  The modern board game revolution has lead to thousands of new tabletop games that provide amazing experiences. Started in 2018, Versus aims to help new and veteran board game players explore and find the best games.

    We specialize in curated recommendations; each game picked to fit your own personal preference and be uniquely fit for your group of friends or solo experience.

    Versus Board Games invites you to come in and find your game.

    We're also excited to be associated with Senet Game Bar which is upstairs in the same building as us.

    Come down and visit both of us today. 

    versus board games owner and president

    Our Shop

    We carry modern board Games and have many of the modern classics and newest releases in stock.

    We carry dice, D&D books, various role-playing games and accessories as well as puzzles.

    Many of these games are quick to learn and can be chosen for the perfect amount of players and time.

    You WON'T find many older classic games like chutes and ladders, battleship, chinese checkers, etc.

    Why don't we carry the classics?  

    With limited room in our shop and modern board games coming out at a rate of 300 per month we have chosen to focus on modern classics and new games. 

    If the amount of new games overwhelms you don't worry you're not alone, and we will help you find something that has the right complexity, time limit, number of players and theme.

    We also do NOT currently carry used games or have a rental library (to take games home).  This may be something we look into for the future.

    Our shop is located on Main Street in Downtown Tigard, Oregon and we ship anywhere in the United States (lower 48).