Our Shop

We specialize in Modern Board Games and have many of the modern classics in stock along with the newest releases.

Many of these games are quick to learn and can be chosen for your perfect amount of players and time.

What We Have

Ticket to Ride
Fantasy Flight Games
Dungeons & Dragons
Z-Man (Pandemic)
Stronghold Games
Days of Wonder
blue orange
And many more board and card games
Accessories - Dice, card sleeves (standard and board games sizes), Dice Trays

What We don't Have

Older classics
Chess Boards
Playing Cards

Why don't we carry the classics?  

With limited room in our shop and modern board games coming out at a rate of 300 per month we have chosen to focus on modern classics and new games. 

If the amount of new games overwhelms you don't worry you're not alone, and we will help you find something that has the right complexity, time limit, number of players and theme.

  We also do not carry used games or have a rental library (to take games home).

We are not currently selling online, sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know when we start online sales.

Our shop is located on Main Street in Downtown Tigard, Oregon